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MEej programs and services help hold the client accountable throughout the interaction thorough training and coaching strategies and help re-direct when and if needed.  Often times, client organizational and personal needs and goals may momentarily, temporarily or permanently shift due to new found self-awareness. MEej programs allow for flexibility and evolutionary growth.

MEej encourages self-development and reminds clients that growth and achievement isn't only measured by whether or not a goal is achieved, but also by the ability to effectively and successfully develop and manage social and emotional intelligences.

The vast diversity in humanity can be clearly seen through the differences in human behavior, which is beautiful in itself.  No two people are alike in their thoughts, beliefs, actions, experiences, passions, or levels of engagement. Thus, it is necessary that a collaboration, acceptance and non-judgment be present without loosing commitment, vision and focus of desired outcomes.

Furthermore, the level of intensity, commitment, action, and passion are simply and unequivocally unique to each of us.  Therefore, in order to effectively optimize skills, maximize resources and achieve extraordinary success, it is imperative that programs and services are customized in a way where, not only is the client emotionally, cognitively and physically engaged, but where social skills are put to practice and the ability to develop, nurture and sustain positive resonant relationships become habitual skills in negotiations and interactions.

The ultimate test is the client's ability to manifest a positive attitude and a non-judgmental disposition through their ever day life interactions.

Scientific research has shown that when learning shifts from a passive modality to an active one,  learning accelerates.  MEej's coaching style strives to create an atmosphere where the client has the opportunity to experience a variety of modalities where the client can chart a path that "feels good" to the client; therefore allowing for the experiencing of Beautiful Motivational Experiences!

MEej's signature approach is MEej's "talk-it-out" method.  MEej LLC offers a portal for clients and organizations to Talk-It-Out by actively engaging in self-awareness, self-consciousness, and self-development.  MEej offers a “Kiosk”, both physically and metaphorically, where clients can immerse themselves and Talk-IT-Out.  This "Kiosk" (physical or virtual) tackles life’s relationship needs, topics and issues.

This is why MEej's Relationship Development program is centered on helping clients create and foster healthy, resonant, positive relationships in their lives.  It offers people a platform to engage in dialogue.   It aims to give people a voice and a place for them to discuss their relationships with themselves, their coach, and/or the other party or parties and overall relationships they have. MEej believes our every interaction is a type of relationship (with either ourselves, others, or the world at large). For this purpose, MEejie also hosts “Talk-It-Out With MEejie” Relationship Radio Show (insert link to link) where individuals have the opportunity to call in and discuss their relationships.  Talk-It-Out With MEejie is one of MEejie’s Relationship Internet Radio Shows where she seeks to offer a portal for people to call and discuss their relationships. Relationships stories are shared, and or discussed in order to assess and find their strengths, contributions and even help re-direct if and when needed. Stories of compassion, gratitude, challenges and hope are shared.

 MEejie’s Talk-It-Out With MEej program offers a more warm and serious atmosphere than the TellMEejStraight show, where a more humorous and relaxed approach is taken. Both programs aim to offer a portal for relationship discussion targeting different audiences; yet, supporting the idea that regardless of environment, audiences, and individual and cultural differences, relationships are at the very core of our individual and collective existence. Both programs stress and promote the need for healthy resonant relationships, identifying these as essential for effective, successful social and personal development. 

MEejie stands behind the notion that relationships are the essence of life.  We find ourselves in this world to interact with each other and strive to live a healthy, positive and loving lifestyle where we can "feel good".

Every relationship, regardless of its nature, has the potential to become a positive and resonant one.   Negativity and dissonance are at the root of relationship conflicts while suffering and unhappiness are many times a consequence.  We can't choose how others act, but we can always choose how we act and react to the behavior of others.

MEejie's mission is to help people engage in strategies, techniques and actions to develop positive relationships that can help make a difference in the quality of their lives.

It is necessary that people, and the community at large, practice positivity and make this a daily character trait in their lives.  Positivity is a way of living.  Positivity is a form of expression.  Positivity is a character trait.  We will increase our ability to succeed and feel more satisfaction in our lives by creating positive loving connections.  The same results also stem from a conscious awareness of self while living "the high road" in peaceful, harmonious and effective positive relationships.

Healthy, positive resonant relationships in our daily lives will manifest themselves in kindness, compassion, empathy, and non-judgment in our dialogues, communication, and ultimately, our actions. Such interactions foster and develop effective, resonant relationships that help us "feel good."

Needless to say, communication is at the heart of "Talk-It-Out."  Make the "Talk-It-Out" strategy a constant in your life.  It’s the first step towards improving and developing resonant, positive relationships.  Communicate with compassion; embrace and accept others; offer gratitude; and do not judge.  Value your relationships and this will just about always result in a successful, positive and productive lifestyle.

According to Dr. Fredrickson (University of Chapel Hill Faculty): "We can co-experience emotions."  We tend to think of emotions as belonging to an individual
(e.g. my gratitude, your anger); however, a degree of behavioral synchrony can emerge when two people feel positive emotions in each other’s company.  You can see this in their body language, the way they move, how engaged they are, and how their gestures mirror each other.

If emotions are not only contagious but can be shared among individuals, could you imagine the power our emotions can have in our relationships? If this is so, then, why not strive for improving our relationship with ourselves and with others? Click here, to begin your Beautiful Motivational Experiences! Say yes, to Motivational Empowering Energetic Journeys for the relationships of your life!

Engaging the client in a self-development journey, while taking into account preferred learning methods (audio, audio-visual, kinesthetic), helps instill ownership and leadership through required active participation in the program; plus, it helps make for an enjoyable journey.  After all, it is the client who embodies the power needed to maximize the outcome of the coaching relationship, isn't it?

         MEej LLC's Philosophy

MEej's Relationship Development Programs and Services assist clients in achieving personal and professional goals and towards improving the overall quality of the relationships in their lives. A charter is drafted through a partnership between the organization and client; wherein, this charter is driven by the client's vision and actions.  The plan combines both active and passive interactive learning methodologies developed according to the client's needs and preferred learning style(s). It is designed to integrate professional, personal and social environments for optimization of performance, productivity and ROI.

This customized approach, designed around the client, varies according to the specific needs, commitment, and level of engagement/participation.  A plan's effectiveness only goes as far as the level of engagement and commitment put forth by the client. MEejs Relationship Development Strategies pulls from a variety of other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, neuroscience along with unique personal experiences and creative style.  It drafts tools and techniques that foster positive adult development for personal and professional aspirations.  It seeks to assist people identify and achieve personal goals at its core. MEej uses inquiries, reflection exercises, discussion, hands-on activities/exercises, movement, and other auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities to help clients identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, and develop action plans intended to achieve those goals. A commitment to action is made and taken by the client(s) where the coach holds the client(s) accountable and may assist; however, the journey is led by the client.  The client is responsible for the work and embarks on the road to self-discovery.