Inspire is an "inspirational and motivational" show which airs on Princeton Community TV, ROKU, Apple TV, Vimeo and the internet. The show co-hosted and co-produced by MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso and Patti Trenchak (former NBC and Discovery Channel Producer) sets out to share the stories and amazing journeys of extraordinary individuals, who have risen above many hardships and life circumstances, in order to thrive, survive and love. 

The program is about people and their immeasurable capacity for love. It's about how inner strength and tenacity triumphs over adversity. It is about unconditional love and unwavering relationships that overcome barriers against all odds. 

Inspire does not have a pre-scripted tone. It is intended to be a dialogue among MEejie™, Patti, and their guests. It is intended to unfold naturally, and the one thing in common for the producers and guests is inspiration. MEejie™and Patti are inspired by their guest who inspire others; and together they inspire their viewers. Thus, the stories featured will continue to evolve and may not be limited to stories of love, courage, tenacity and determination, as it is through acceptance of the true nature of relationships and interactions that natural engagement with, appreciation and the embracing of others, do happen.

Message and intent is a relative concept, as is perception and interpretation, and through the show all of these may vary for among the co-hosts, producers, guests, and audience; however, the one thing that is sure to remain is that as part of their personal missions and visions, they all seek to Inspire!

Inspire is... "The Connecting Voice, A Connecting Voice, Your Connecting Voice!"

The show began filming in January 2017 and although new, it has been privilege to meet with many extraordinary people; among them:

Donna Marie Romani, Founder and CEO of Grace In The Mud and Mike NewelPresident of Health Care Management. Donna Marie, a child adverse trauma survivor who set up to found a non-profit organization (Grace In The Mud), to help pre-adolescent children thrive and receive the love, nurturing, and hands-on experiences that can help propel them into becoming healthy and productive leaders of society. The program has an immersive and supportive foundation, which aligns with much of Mike Newel's Adverse Child Disorder advocacy work, who believes Grace In The Mud is the answer to addressing the needs to allow children to effectively deal with the leading causes of this disorder.  

Anthony Ferraro a legally blind wrestler who despite his differing abilities achieved success as an athlete, musician and motivational speaker. Anthony's demeanor always one of tenacity and self-love. Anthony's message of always following your passion and never letting anyone tell you what you can or cannot do is full of inspiration and grace. <iframe width="480" height="270" src=";  Anthony's story is one, which will serve as motivation to multitudes. It will demonstrate how self-love, drive and determination can help conquer even the most difficult situations. It will show you how the mind can overcome physical differing abilities (what we commonly refer to as disabilities), and how it is our own limiting beliefs, which mainly handicap our success. This young man continues to dream and to envision the day when he, a legally blind young man will finally get to own and drive a car. 

MaryAnn Anselmo
, a Jazz Singer with a story to warm your hearts. She experienced a car accident, which put her into a comma and nearly killed her; the loss of her son and father; and suffered from a brain tumor illness, which caused her to loose functioning of a vocal cord. Yet, somehow she managed to overcome it all despite the odds. She, along with her guiding force, her husband Joseph Anselmo, endured a journey that was to test their faith and courage. Despite it all, someway, somehow, they never lost sight of what mattered; their unconditional true love and commitment to each other. One that supports the commitment that twice they made.... "for better or for worse, in sickness or in health".