• Optimize performance, productivity, and a return on the investment (ROI) of professional, personal and social relationships 
  • Balance IQ, EI, (emotional intelligence) and SI (social intelligence) for the successful outcome of all interactions at work, at home, and at play
  • Carry out positive and proactive interactions that lead to the positive resolution of conflicts, and to the successful outcome of negotiations and business transactions
  • Maximize health and wellness of mind, body and spirit while in pursuit of professional, personal and social goals


  • Mastering EI (managing our emotions)
  • Mastering SI (getting along with others)
  • Managing thoughts
  • Increasing self-love
  • Always interacting positively
  • Believing we can & that we will…
  • Seeking peaceful, productive & simple dialogue
  • Seeking relationships & interactions win/win
  • Leading by example
  • Being open-minded
  • Considering all view points with curiosity
  • Becoming non- judgmental
  • Having realistic demands & expectations
  • Honoring diversity & being inclusive of others
  • Honoring boundaries (self & others)
  • Building trust & listening more
  • Creating & holding on to our vision 
  • Seeking to understand when difficult
  • Increasing focus on self rather than on others
  • Being proud of our ideas, dreams, skills & talents
  • Limiting external influences 
  • Being selective of how people impact us
  • Removing ourselves from negative environments
  • Prioritizing safety
  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive
  • Surrounding ourselves with greatness
  • Exceeding expectations 
  • Balancing life -nurturing the mind, body & soul 
  • Being consistent 
  • Charting a plan, & setting and honoring timeliness
  • Creating thriving environments
  • Living passionately & making it fun
  • Sharing greatness (gifts & talents)
  • Monetizing greatness (gifts & talents)
  • Appreciating and being grateful

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