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MEej LLC programs and services approach vary according to the client’s style and preference.  MEej's approach to coaching clients is the result of a joint venture between MEej and the client.  MEej believes that in order to effectively coach a client and obtain a successful outcome, it is imperative that the program is customized according to the client’s vision and uniqueness; as they vary according to sensory preferences and capabilities.  Scientific research has shown that when learning shifts from a passive modality to an active one where the learner engages in action, the learning accelerates. In support these findings MEejoffers flexibility of learning methodology and customized services. 

MEejprograms help build positive, resonant relationships.  Its interactive methodologies offer skills and techniques that expose clients in environments filled with positivity that help them feel good and therefore foster, intrinsic motivational, open-mindedness, creativity, wellbeing that help them engage in pro-active and pre-active paths to help them thrive.  MEej believes that incorporating positive new habits and developing new skills applicable to our everyday life is a great way for us to effectively manage and improve the way we live our lives. Creating positive environments, placing ourselves in situations, which will generate good feelings in us, and looking at our relationships as opportunities can improve our relationships and also create opportunities for successful, enjoyable lifestyles.

Having a positive mindset view in our interaction with others affords us not only an opportunity to connect and establish positive and peaceful interactions, but is also a gift.  "Relationships are gifts we can give ourselves and to each other".  The gift of people in our lives helps us to create support systems that can help us further develop in life. Furthermore, healthy positive relationships often equate into living a more enjoyable life.
This opportunity to develop healthy professional, personal and social environments requires the ability and disposition to embrace, learn, and accept others without judgment or biases, labeling, false expectations and unreasonable demands.  Most importantly, the capability to “value” relationships, greatly contribute to the overall welfare and success of our life, and that of others. Understanding that the thoughts, actions, and beliefs are as unique to us as they are to others embraces the needed disposition in us to accept the diversity in others while promoting our development toward creating the "best version of ourselves" by lessening judgment and conflict, and increasing healthy lifestyles. Managing Empowering Energetic Journeys (MEej) LLC is a relationship development consulting business. It focuses on assisting clients optimize professional, personal and social environments for enhanced productivity, performance and ROI. Through the development and balancing of strong, positive resonant relationships and interactions, (professional, personal and social) success can be achieved at work, at home and at play. Strong and balanced relationships produced desirable outcomes, strengthening bonds and maximizing the benefits of relationships and interactions. 

MEejLLC relationship development strategists and facilitators, help you identify the value of relationships. They help you develop, and implement professional, personal and social negotiations that align your individual, strengths and needs with the collective and organizational mission for cohesive delivery and optimal performance, productivity and success. It is founded on your organizational core values  for "identity integrity". The strategies, techniques and skills utilized in MEej LLC programs incorporate a variety of sensory and kinesthetic modalities and help sharpen awareness and intuition of its participants. The aim is to assist with the development of personal skills that can be adopted into habitual daily actions to help you achieve individual or collective business equanimity, success, and overall wellbeing. 

MEejLLC sustains that the need to bond and solidify interactions is because "relationships are at the core of our existence, and the quality, clarity and effectiveness of the relationships and interactions we have, determine the level of success (professional, personal and social) we achieve with ourselves, our environments, and others.MEej LLC services are delivered face-to-face or virtually, through public speaking, trainings, workshops and coaching, and through technological portals. MEej'sprimary intent is to focus on assisting businesses, organizations, and individuals obtain professional, personal  and organizational success. It helps clients set and achieve desired goals and objectives through hands-on, active learning, and immersive programs and activities, which lend themselves for the discovery and awareness of the individual in a collective or individual setting. 

MEejLLC programs are designed to be integrated into the individual or the organization's style. The programs use exercises that serve as tools to help participants and organizations become more effective and self-aware of their individual and collective needs and strengths. The programs aim to help unveil strengths and barriers; individual, collective and organizational needs, for charting an effective "road map" - plan to maximize such strengths into relationship development skills that help reach goals, capitalize on resources, and achieve collective and individual professional, personal and social successes. MEej LLC creates a safe environment for clients to explore insights and develop new skills that uncover personal biases and identify open, closed, “Ghostly & Phantom Biases”™ that tarnish organizational mission, lead to judgment, blame, demands and expectations. The delivery of MEej LLC programs and services carefully integrate sensory, kinesthetic, intuitive and mindfulness activities that promote active listening, willful behavior modification, and self-awareness of relationships and interactions personal style. This process targets the understanding and impact of communication threads and the crucial role it plays in business transactions. It demonstrates how this thread impact and may consequently alter desired outcomes. It brings to light the powerful contributions of a positive relationships and interaction; (intent, message, delivery, perception and interpretation) and the need for the development of such.

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Motivational and Empowering MEej LLC Contracting & Consulting Services 

Relationship Project Development or Program Development, Trainings, Workshops, Coaching, Motivational &Public Speaking  ~ Customized StoryBoard Production Services

MEej’ LLC contracting and consulting services are designed to assists businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals seeking to maximize its professional, personal and social relationships, while in pursuit of business success. MEej's approach focuses on merging strategies and techniques that fosters utilization and balancing  cognitive, emotional and social intelligences in the workplace that can impact performance, productivity and ROI. MEej's trainings, workshops and coaching programs are centered on the development of relationships and interactions to help improve the quality, clarity, effectiveness, and the rewards and benefits of professional, personal and social relationship interactions in the business place. MEej's public and motivational speaking echo it. It utilizes a framework that provides inspiration and motivation towards active engagement and pro-active/pre-active action, for businesses, organizations and individuals to purposely and conscientiously chart a path that leads them towards overall success of mind and body.

MEej'sprogram development services offer consulting and/or hands-on assisting in the planning, development and implementation of programs that strategically address relationship development needs and services that foster performance, productivity, ROI and health and welfare of professional, personal, social and emotional environments.

They are collaboratively decided between MEej and the client; where, deciphering a vision and action plan occur through a combined partnership.  MEej LLC programs and services are customized for each client and the approach varies according to the needs, commitment, level of engagement/participation, and preferred method of learning (sensory, kinesthetic, intuitive, active learning and hands-on approach).